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Published on November 24, 2014, in News.

fundraising webinar

My Charity Boxes is proud to announce we have partnered with The Fundraising Coach and we hereby present: The “Ask Without Fear!” Master Class for mastering fundamental fundraising skills.

Fundraising is no simple task, and we’d like to get involved in helping you raise money for your non-profit organization. The most powerful asset to your fundraising will be to have the knowledge and skills to proper fundraising. Some of the things you’ll learn at the webinar:

check The simple 4-step process

check An easy way to determine how much to ask donors for

check Actual phrases that work in making the ask

check What to do if people don’t say “yes” right away

You can benefit from this webinar series whether you are new to fundraising with no idea where to start, or as an experienced fundraiser who needs fresh tips and ideas to increase your donor base as well as benefit from repeating donations.

You’ve got nothing to lose! Sign up today for this FREE webinar with Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman and he will show you how to Ask Without Fear!





Simply Striking

Published on July 18, 2013, in News.

Yesterday, on my way out of the office, I did a double take. There on the windowsill was one of the more striking pieces I’ve seen here. The box was made of natural wood and had a clear face front for display. Usually, the clear front display is used to slip a sheet of information about the fundraising effort and its goals or a medallion of support.

This charity box, though no different in content, was original in display. Someone had played around with the sheet and added dimensions to it. The Organization was Ohel, a local children’s home and family services. Part of the artwork included an exuberant toddler clapping his hands with joy.  The toddler had been cut out and appeared almost three dimensional compared to the rest of the information. It was just a simple modification that completely transformed the collection box.

This collection box (WO-03) is actually a beautiful display piece that any fundraising organization would be proud to gift their donors.  The display area is perfect for a medallion honoring their support.  The sister box, (WO-04), another handsome box is unique in that there are two donation slots.  This allows your contributor to choose specific aspects of your cause the money should be allocated.

In either event, whichever box you choose, make sure to speak to Simon about how to display the information. He’s the one who came up with that simplistically striking design for Ohel.



Increase your Fundraising by Increasing your Collection Boxes

With just a bit of thought, you can increase your collection funds exponentially. Just imagine this:

Every one of your very passionate supporters received a handsome desktop collection box and placed it on their desk in their place of work (check out item # wood-10).  Their colleagues stop by at their desk and inquire about your organization. Their boss asks them about your organization. Meetings taking place in their office expose outsiders to your organization. Everyone drops some change into the collection box – maybe as the good deed of the day or as a good omen. The box fills up. Your organization gains a new venue of funding. Multiply this by a number of supporters and you might have just tapped into the most noble instincts to help raise funds for your organization.


Ballot Boxes, Suggestion Boxes and Comment Boxes

Published on March 1, 2013, in Ballot Boxes, News.

Ballot Boxes, Suggestion Boxes and Comment Boxes

Ballot Boxes have been around since the 1800’s and used worldwide. Ballot boxes are typically locked boxes with a slot on top or at the side. Ballot boxes are generally used in elections to collect votes. Voters drop their private ballots into the locked boxes, and at the end of the voting period, workers empty the boxes to count the votes.

Nowadays, schools use ballot boxes to have students vote in their peers for special jobs and activities. Teachers may bring ballot boxes to show and teach young children the voting system using a real ballot box so that the children can get a clear picture and even try it themselves.

Many institutions, offices, restaurants, doctors offices and organizations place ballot boxes for use as suggestion boxes. These ballot boxes, labeled clearly as suggestion boxes or comment boxes are placed at front desks, checkout counters, or may be hanging on walls in lobby areas for customers, patients, and patrons to see. Some suggestion boxes have a front or side pocket with pre-printed notes which can be filled out with comments, suggestions, or complaints. Customers can drop their suggestions into these ballot boxes and staff at the office or organization will have the opportunity to read their comments.

My Charity Boxes offers a wide variety of ballot and suggestion boxes. The are made of wood, acrylic,  tin or paper tube and are available in all colors shapes and sizes. Check out our website for all all ballot box options, or give us a call at 866-665-8835 to order a ballot box custom designed to fit your needs!


New Year & Great New Look

new year new look

It’s a new year 2013 and My Charity Boxes got a Fresh New Look!

For the last couple of months, we’ve been adding a bunch of new products to our catalog and constantly enhancing our website to make your browsing and shopping experience a pleasant one.

Take a look at our new product images as well as many newly designed donation boxes, and you will find our full catalog of unique, impressive donation boxes proudly displayed in sharp images.


We made improvements to the way our products appear on our website! New sharp product images will give our customers a “Clear Picture” of what they are purchasing at My Charity Boxes.

View the donation boxes in every color separately and be confident in your purchase.

wood box


Check our our fully stocked Wood Donation Boxes category pages for a new line of wood charity boxes. These impressive donation boxes are made of high quality pressed wood, are durable and locked to keep your donations safe.

give & take


Our latest innovation in Acrylic donation boxes is the newly designed, unique fundraising idea used in the Treat Compartment Donation Box. Fill the open compartment with a treat or prize of your choice. Wait and see how the prize compartment empties out and the locked section fills with generous donations.

Always Great Prices at My Charity Boxes!

Take advantage of our everyday low prices and shop charity boxes for your fundraising needs at We have a donation box to fit every organization’s needs and budget. At My Charity Boxes you can also customize your donation box to fit your fundraising needs, print your custom logo and your organization’s message to encourage donors to donate to your charity.


5 Fundraising Ideas

Published on December 11, 2012, in News.

5 Fundraising Ideas

5 Fundraising Solutions Available to Non-Profit Organizations:

Fundraising has been around for an eternity. Organizations have come up with different ideas for fundraising all of which are great and help raise money for the poor & homeless, schools & churches, sick and unfortunate amongst our people. Some of the traditional fundraising ideas are:

  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Donation Boxes
  • Door to Door Collecting
  • Fundraiser Events


How will a non-profit know which method to use? Which of these will raise more money, require less effort and expense, and raise funds quickly?

All of the abovementioned fundraising ideas are great. Each of them has its specialties and finer points. While Telemarketing might be a great way to pick up a quick donation, Donation Boxes might be just the right method for no-hassle donations. Continue reading to learn more about the fundraising options that are available to your organization.


Click to continue reading this article here:


Emergency Fundraisers

Published on November 28, 2012, in News.

hurricane sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Federal and private efforts like FEMA and the American Red Cross, are responding remarkably well. But these efforts cannot meet the essential individualized needs that are beginning to arise. Due to the hardship that large communities are facing, many organizations began appealing to their communities in desperate demand to raise funds. In the tri-state area, thousands of families were left homeless, penniless, and distraught. Local non-profits are working to collect money for these families’ basic necessities such as household items, furniture, groceries and even gas.

My Charity Boxes, in an effort to assist the needy, has gone the extra mile to help out. Our representatives contacted nonprofit organizations in hurricane-hit areas, and offered to donate to them charity boxes which can assist them in their fundraising efforts. Many donation boxes were shipped out at no charge to these hard-hit communities. Other organizations have ordered large quantities of charity boxes for their fundraisers, which have been manufactured in a special rush-run to accommodate these unfortunate victims of this natural disaster. After shipping hundreds of donation cans, some of these organizations already reported back to us that the charity boxes began filling up. It is amazing to see how fast large ballot boxes can fill up with paper money! So many people need help, and there are that many donors willing to donate. The key is to place donation boxes where potential donors will see them, and then watch it fill up with much needed funds to distribute.

Our hope and prayers are with all those in need that they receive the donations and financial assistance to help them get back into their homes and rebuild their lives quickly.


Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Published on September 16, 2012, in News.
Gumball Machine Donation Box

Gumball Machine Donation Box

Our latest fundraising idea is to offer incentives. Consider this. You give a coin to a charity and out pops a little prize for it? Sounds like a reason to give another coin and you have an opportunity to receive another little treasure to bring home!

Our newly designed “gumball container donation box” offers non-profit organizations an inexpensive and exciting new style of fundraising! Fill the machine with candies or prizes, and watch the donations dropping in. Just make sure to keep refilling them (and emptying the coins…) as they are sure to go fast!

Give & Take Donation Box

Treat Compartment Donation Box

Maximize donations at your local senior center or synagogue by installing donation boxes with an open top container beside it. Donors reach out for a sweet treat while dropping a donation into the sealed compartment.

Order these donation boxes. And expect to see them filling. Visit today.


Protect Your Donations From Theft!

Published on August 21, 2012, in News.

Lock the donation boxes. Chain them. Don’t allow thieves to rob your charity from much needed funds. Recently many donation boxes have been stolen worldwide. Donation boxes in the UK have been removed from checkout counters, their donations lost to the unknown thieves. Police in the UK are therefore urging businesses and organizations to make sure their collection boxes and tins are well secured, preferably chained down.

An Ohio non-profit organization said more than a dozen donation boxes went missing last week. A couple of days later donation boxes in Oregon, raising funds for the homeless were robbed of all their paper money. When volunteers came to empty the boxes, all they found there was $90 in coins. Organizers knew of people who had donated paper bills, so they’re certain the money was taken. The donation boxes have been removed, and will be redesigned with locks to keep their donations secure, before they are reinstalled.

It is indeed sad that people would stoop so low as to steal from hard earned charity funds. But we have to protect ourselves and keep our donations secure. Order metal donation boxes with secure locks, and make sure to chain them down to ensure they cannot be removed.


Stand Free Wood!

Published on August 13, 2012, in News, Stand Free.
Stand Free Wood Donation Box

Stand Free Wood Donation Box

Mycharityboxes is pleased to announce that we are just shipping out for the first time our brand new Wood Stand Free Donation Box!! Standing tall and sturdy, this donation box is eye catching! It is sure to do good fundraising for your nonprofit organization!

This donation box was custom designed for one of our loyal customers, a non-profit group located in Maine. YOU can call us to design a custom donation box to fit your organization’s needs too! Just give us a call at 866-665-8835 and we will get to work in designing your custom donation box!