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Fundraising using Donation Boxes

Published on August 1, 2012, in News.


What is that?

A donation box is a simple fundraising idea. A donation box is a simple box designed to collect funds for a charity. It needs to be attractive in design, and placed strategically so that people see it, and drop their loose change into it.

How do I design one?

A well designed box is eye-catching! Make sure your donation box stands out from the crowd by choosing an attractive design and adding your customized  imprint. People often give money to charities on the street without a thought just because the donation box was attractive! Target your audience and choose a charity box that will raise money fast! Read more on this topic at our Fundraising Tools Page.

Where do I buy a donation box?

Choose from our different types of donation boxes and you’ll surely find one that fits your organization’s needs!

Acrylic Donation Boxes | Tin Collection Cans | Paper Tube Coin Collection Banks | Metal Donation Boxes

Or call us at 866-665-8835 and we will design a custom donation box especially for you!

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