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Emergency Fundraisers

Published on November 28, 2012, in News.

hurricane sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Federal and private efforts like FEMA and the American Red Cross, are responding remarkably well. But these efforts cannot meet the essential individualized needs that are beginning to arise. Due to the hardship that large communities are facing, many organizations began appealing to their communities in desperate demand to raise funds. In the tri-state area, thousands of families were left homeless, penniless, and distraught. Local non-profits are working to collect money for these families’ basic necessities such as household items, furniture, groceries and even gas.

My Charity Boxes, in an effort to assist the needy, has gone the extra mile to help out. Our representatives contacted nonprofit organizations in hurricane-hit areas, and offered to donate to them charity boxes which can assist them in their fundraising efforts. Many donation boxes were shipped out at no charge to these hard-hit communities. Other organizations have ordered large quantities of charity boxes for their fundraisers, which have been manufactured in a special rush-run to accommodate these unfortunate victims of this natural disaster. After shipping hundreds of donation cans, some of these organizations already reported back to us that the charity boxes began filling up. It is amazing to see how fast large ballot boxes can fill up with paper money! So many people need help, and there are that many donors willing to donate. The key is to place donation boxes where potential donors will see them, and then watch it fill up with much needed funds to distribute.

Our hope and prayers are with all those in need that they receive the donations and financial assistance to help them get back into their homes and rebuild their lives quickly.

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