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Have you heard about our latest contribution to your fundraising?

Published on November 24, 2014, in News.

fundraising webinar

My Charity Boxes is proud to announce we have partnered with The Fundraising Coach and we hereby present: The “Ask Without Fear!” Master Class for mastering fundamental fundraising skills.

Fundraising is no simple task, and we’d like to get involved in helping you raise money for your non-profit organization. The most powerful asset to your fundraising will be to have the knowledge and skills to proper fundraising. Some of the things you’ll learn at the webinar:

check The simple 4-step process

check An easy way to determine how much to ask donors for

check Actual phrases that work in making the ask

check What to do if people don’t say “yes” right away

You can benefit from this webinar series whether you are new to fundraising with no idea where to start, or as an experienced fundraiser who needs fresh tips and ideas to increase your donor base as well as benefit from repeating donations.

You’ve got nothing to lose! Sign up today for this FREE webinar with Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman and he will show you how to Ask Without Fear!




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