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Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Published on September 16, 2012, in News.
Gumball Machine Donation Box

Gumball Machine Donation Box

Our latest fundraising idea is to offer incentives. Consider this. You give a coin to a charity and out pops a little prize for it? Sounds like a reason to give another coin and you have an opportunity to receive another little treasure to bring home!

Our newly designed “gumball container donation box” offers non-profit organizations an inexpensive and exciting new style of fundraising! Fill the machine with candies or prizes, and watch the donations dropping in. Just make sure to keep refilling them (and emptying the coins…) as they are sure to go fast!

Give & Take Donation Box

Treat Compartment Donation Box

Maximize donations at your local senior center or synagogue by installing donation boxes with an open top container beside it. Donors reach out for a sweet treat while dropping a donation into the sealed compartment.

Order these donation boxes. And expect to see them filling. Visit today.

One Response

  1. David

    Looking forward to ordering this new item! Looks like a great incentive for people to donate and get a treat for it!

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