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Our New Website With New Features

Published on August 4, 2012, in News.

Celebrating New Website

My Charity Boxes is proudly launching our brand new website! The redesigned website features expanded product information, new navigational tools and the latest trends in multimedia.

Same Great Products

Newly Designed Website!

Have you visited our newly designed website? Our new site has been redesigned with a fresh new look to be user friendly and attractive. At you can easily navigate our categories and product pages.  The new website is designed to allow customers to quickly find the donation boxes they are looking for. Our new product images give our customers a clear picture of what they are buying. By redesigning our website your shopping experience will be a lot more pleasant. With fewer pages to navigate through, your order process will be finished quickly & easily.

Secure Checkout

Secure Checkout System.

Security is our #1 priority! We have put much emphasis on making sure any personal details saved on our website will be the most secure, and incorporated a secure checkout system. is secured with a GeoTrust certificate in addition to its credit card processing certificate from  Included in redesigning a new website we focused on simplifying the process for our customers. Having a One Page Checkout reduces the time to complete your order drastically and enables checkout quickly and easily. Onepage Checkout collects all information on one page even loading any information provided from previous pages into the fields to save more time, such as address information from previous shipping calculations.

Login to your account

Keep Track Of Your Orders. 

Create your personal login and all your order details are stored for quick re-ordering. To save time, all your personal information will be saved to one place so every time you log in, all the information is already placed in the fields where it needs to be. With our professional account management system, it is really simple to keep track of previous orders and to re-order with only a click of a button! By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order’s status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.

Lowest price

Same Products. New Prices.

Ever heard of prices going down? Check it out and you’ll be surprised! We at know that every penny counts. That means your penny. Our new website offers the same great products as before, at new discounted prices. Look out for our bulk pricing to get the same items at even lower prices! Look out for more newly innovated products being uploaded to our website daily.

My Charity Boxes Blog.My Charity Boxes Blog.

Follow updates on our blog with exciting news, promotions, and newly released hot items! Keep checking back to these pages for more information, news items, new products and more! You’ll be glad you did! Check out our Fundraising Articles and Fundraising Resources pages for impactful presentation of important information regarding donation boxes and resources to make your fundraising simple and successful.

More coming soon....

Not Done Here. Future Goals.

MyCharityBoxes does not consider itself done until all of our goals are completed. My Charity Boxes has a full list of add-ons to be added on to the website to further enhance it  and make the website even more comfortable for our customers to browse and shop our donation boxes. Here are some of our future goals: Replacing all images with newly captured clean images.  Full warehouse of in-stock products to enable shipments delivered with minimal delay. Newly designed donation boxes and fresh ideas so fundraising should get simpler and easier…

Fundraising using Donation Boxes

Published on August 1, 2012, in News.


What is that?

A donation box is a simple fundraising idea. A donation box is a simple box designed to collect funds for a charity. It needs to be attractive in design, and placed strategically so that people see it, and drop their loose change into it.

How do I design one?

A well designed box is eye-catching! Make sure your donation box stands out from the crowd by choosing an attractive design and adding your customized  imprint. People often give money to charities on the street without a thought just because the donation box was attractive! Target your audience and choose a charity box that will raise money fast! Read more on this topic at our Fundraising Tools Page.

Where do I buy a donation box?

Choose from our different types of donation boxes and you’ll surely find one that fits your organization’s needs!

Acrylic Donation Boxes | Tin Collection Cans | Paper Tube Coin Collection Banks | Metal Donation Boxes

Or call us at 866-665-8835 and we will design a custom donation box especially for you!


Launching of our New Website

Published on July 7, 2012, in News.

My Charity Boxes is proud to announce the launching of our beautiful new website!

Visit our website to purchase all types of donation boxes, charity collection containers, and coin collection banks all at very low prices. We carry acrylic donation boxes, tin collection tins, metal donation boxes, as well as plastic and paper tube coin collection banks. Looking for a custom made donation box to raise funds for your charity? Check out some ideas on our Custom Donation Boxes section and call us with your ideas for a custom box to fit your needs.

Our prices are great and non profit organizations are are satisfied with the excellent quality and friendly customer service team!

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