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Protect Your Donations From Theft!

Published on August 21, 2012, in News.

Lock the donation boxes. Chain them. Don’t allow thieves to rob your charity from much needed funds. Recently many donation boxes have been stolen worldwide. Donation boxes in the UK have been removed from checkout counters, their donations lost to the unknown thieves. Police in the UK are therefore urging businesses and organizations to make sure their collection boxes and tins are well secured, preferably chained down.

An Ohio non-profit organization said more than a dozen donation boxes went missing last week. A couple of days later donation boxes in Oregon, raising funds for the homeless were robbed of all their paper money. When volunteers came to empty the boxes, all they found there was $90 in coins. Organizers knew of people who had donated paper bills, so they’re certain the money was taken. The donation boxes have been removed, and will be redesigned with locks to keep their donations secure, before they are reinstalled.

It is indeed sad that people would stoop so low as to steal from hard earned charity funds. But we have to protect ourselves and keep our donations secure. Order metal donation boxes with secure locks, and make sure to chain them down to ensure they cannot be removed.

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